We reduce cost & time to deliver complex systems by Linking, Visualizing & Sharing data throughout the entire system lifecycle.


Engineer to order (ETO) manufacturing involves the creation of a product that is made to a customer’s unique specification.

These processes require flexible, demand-driven approaches to manufacturing. One of the key challenges in going efficient from order to delivery is managing the engineering information flow throughout the process. Especially as the data is spread across disciplines, stakeholders and systems used across companies.

Today, engineering-to-order processes face many challenges on different levels:


selink offers expert system engineering services to improve efficiency of complex system design. We can deliver our services more rapidly by using our accelerator, a powerful software platform that enables turning scattered data into a single source of truth.


We offer expert consultancy services to introduce systemic approaches for designing complex systems and managing system engineering data

  • We integrate your scattered data sources
  • We improve your design & build efficiency
  • We advise how to reduce engineering costs
  • We reduce the time from order to delivery
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We designed our own software platform to accelerate the integration of system engineering data, data linking, data sharing and  insights

  • A state-of-the-art knowledge graph
  • Rapid data integration, with pre-defined connectors
  • Flexible worklow automation, adapts to your processes
  • AI-driven data queries
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selink helps to overcome those challenges. We gradually turn those challenges in benefits and guide you how to pragmatically reach your efficiency and cost reduction goals.